About Me

About Me

I am a singer/songwriter in Southern Baja, Mexico making a living playing live music and also releasing music occasionally. I've been labeled as obsessed with whales and most things ocean related. I have particularly poor Spanish for someone who loves the Spanish language as much as I do.

Do you have little love for the typical music biz artist bio? How boring is it to read about an artist’s musical journey like it is an appliance manual? So, here instead is my take on music and me.

Mis Papas and Red Raven

My parents are not musicians but they have a real appreciation for music. They made sure each of their children took piano lessons. I think piano was chosen because that is what my Mom would liked to have learnt if she wasn’t busy taking care of her children. Soon after came my first guitar. This led to lessons with Red Raven a redheaded Elvis impersonator (yeah you can’t make this stuff up). Red made the intriguing decision to wander around town in his stage wear (yes cape included) this of course compelled the young me to find what drove this man’s passion so deeply. Thankfully Red and my Dad shared some incredible music tastings. I devoured my Dad’s records of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry, and The Beach Boys.  This was excellent fuel to a burning love of music. My parents were always patient and kind with the amount of noise I made in the house (in my teens I think I had more speakers in my room than any other personal belonging) as I attempted to learn to play and sing.

Sibs and the 80s

My siblings are all older than me (apparently Mom is sticking to saying I am a happy accident) and had a profound impact on what I like in music. I learned to love the music that they loved. I plundered their tape/CD collections happily to probably their annoyance. U2, REM, INXS, Chris Isaak, The Stray Cats, and Huey Lewis & The News to name a few. The late 70s and 80s music especially really stuck and shaped my songwriting and singing styles. My brother-in-law too played a huge part in introducing me to artists. He shared knowledge of what made the albums sound cool, musical theory, and how to recreate songs. Also I owe it to my big brother for getting me back to Red Raven... but that's another story!

Mr. Mathews and Post Surf

My first solo debut album was entitled Okay Now. I had the great fun and honor to work with Scott Mathews on it. His production style is incredible. It has the shotgun approach that ran away in the computer/robot/recording era. An amazing multi-instrumentalist, Scott not only filled out my songs but he also taught me how to tighten my playing and what it means to breathe life into a production. He is a genuine talent and supportive producer. Oh and he happens to be very tight with The Beach Boys and Huey Lewis (remember two of my favorites if you've been paying attention). How serendipitous is that? We followed up Okay Now with Summer Trees. A single for the masses and the closest thing I will ever be to pop. These two releases really were my attempt to take the previous vintage rock and 80s rock and put them together. Honestly, I don’t think it worked out for that but it does have some merit as it’s own thing and I dig what Scott and I made together.  Next up, my home in southern Baja and a worn out photo of my parents on a Mexico beach circa 1964 inspired the next album entitled Post-Surf. This one was special to me for a new reason. My adopted hometowns of Todos Santos and Pescadero in Baja Sur helped fund it and make it come to reality. I am always thankful of that kind support of a community that takes care of their artists. 

Life at Sea and LL

Now in 2020 comes Life At Sea. It’s another swing at combining all those influences of the past with new additions. Not just from the family I’ve gratefully been given but also those chosen as family. Many of my new songs are inspired by my bride and best friend Lorena Lang (LL on stage) and her South American roots and my new Colombian family. My dear friends I’ve made all across Mexico have been a big spark to a new series of songs as well. I also have The Quattro a special group of surf brothers that I am always hoping to at some point write a song they actually like. Well one can dream. I’ve been stupendously fortunate to have had a chance to have a bit of travel and adventure in recent years that are showing up in the new sounds. I hope you’ll really enjoy these new songs and maybe even take them with you on your own adventures!

My Main Point

What I hope you get from all this is I am probably the smallest part of my music. So many have patiently taught me and shared with me the beautiful things they’ve found in music. Many people have taken time to teach me something about playing, or singing, or production that I can hardly take any credit for my music. I am truly thankful to all for the kindness you’ve shown me in my journey of sharing music wherever I go. 

Oh and what's with the whales?

This is a fair question and I often get poked fun at about this. I love spending time in the ocean particularly with whales whenever possible. They fill me with a sense of wonder I can't put it into words. They also help me meditate on some profound spiritual truths I feel fortunate to have been taught and cherish. Lastly, they also happen to be far better singers than I'll ever be!

Tim Lang Tower Paris
Tim Lang taco truck
Making Music
This taco truck reminds me of writing music. It's really impossible to think you can be a "taco" with music. Not everyone will love what you do and honestly that's ok! Enjoy making music that is you and you'll find a few people who dig it too. 


Y Co.

To sort of quote John Lennon... I'm not even the best musician in the band! Thanks to LL, John Holmes, & the rest of the incredible musicians that fill out the CO. in Tim Lang & Co.

Best Of Baja

You're invited to our Baja zone. If you're a Baja fan you can get some glimpses of this beautiful place. Photos are not all mine but credited to my friends that have taken them.


Do you love adventure and traveling? The diversity of people and places is a big inspiration to what I like to write about in my music. Below you will find a small glimpse of places that have been special to me and perhaps might be a destination you may like to explore. Enjoy!